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Programs and Education

Our Preschool Program

We offer play based educational programs. These programs are built upon a basis of sensitivity to childhood development and follow the Early Years Learning Framework. Through play, children are engaged in learning environments which allow them to develop socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively.

The program incorporates numerous learning activities including cooking, art, dance, drama, movement, maths, science, social studies, music, language, pre-reading and writing and is based around the following principals:

Stimulating developmentally appropriate activities
Perceptual motor program
Variety of excursions and visitors to the Preschool
Providing a wide range of equipment
Caring and enthusiastic staff
Interaction and transition programs with local primary schools
Numerous family social occasions
Parent Involvement

Our Service and Educators use Kinder m8, which is an interactive learning tool to document and share each child’s journey through their preschool years. It broadens communication and offers opportunity for families to be more involved in their children’s time at Preschool.


Each room has a routine displayed. The day provides time for eating, sleeping, indoor and outdoor free play experiences, small and large group music and movement, language experiences, messy/sensory play, art experiences and interest/project work.

Sun Safety

The Preschool maintains a Sun Smart Policy and we ask you to apply sunscreen available in each room on arrival. Staff will encourage children to keep their hats on at all times when outdoors. Children are required to be dressed in Sun Smart clothing, which includes clothing that covers and protects as much skin as possible, including the shoulders, back and stomach.

At the beginning of each year all children will be provided with a Griffith Preschool Kindergarten sun safe hat. Children can choose to wear other hats as long as they are sun safe.

Generations of families have brought their children to Kindylane – we now have grandparents who built and originally enrolled their children, now bringing their grandchildren back to our Preschool. It is wonderful to see parents who attended the Preschool now returning with their children. Many people comment that the warm and supportive environment of the Preschool remains since those very early years.

Nutrition - including lunch and snack suggestions

Children are required to bring a morning tea and lunch for consumption during the day.

On an occasional basis, the Preschool will provide food that has been produced through food related activities involving the children.

Food may be provided by parents/guardians for celebrations such as birthdays or other special occasions. Please discuss with staff if you have any questions.

Fill the lunchbox with a variety of healthy foods. Be sure to include plenty of fresh fruit, salad vegetables and bread or low fat cracker biscuits. Put in protein food such as meats, fish, dairy products, baked beans or boiled eggs.

Try a variety of breads and rolls such as wholemeal, mixed grain, white hi-fibre, bagels, pocket, lavish, focaccia, turkish and flat breads. Use margarine/butter sparingly. If sandwich filling is moist (ie. avocado, cheese, salad etc) try to leave out margarine/butter. Dairy foods, meat and eggs need to be kept cold. Put a frozen drink bottle in with the lunch box or use a cooler bag. We have a fridge where lunches can be put if they need refrigeration. Cut sandwiches into strips or use a shape cutter for a novelty.

Nutrition tip: Fruit has more fibre and fewer calories than fruit juice. Make fruit a regular lunch box item.

Being healthy is about much more than ‘looking good’ (as defined by advertisers or magazines). It also helps children:
Build strong bones
Grow and develop healthily
Improve their concentration at school
Improve their coordination, balance and strength
Maintain a healthy weight
Be bright and active


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