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Committee of Management

The overall management of the Preschool is governed by the Committee, which comprises a group of parents from the Preschool community who give their time to ensure the Preschool is a wonderful learning environment for both children and staff.

The Committee comprises of the following positions:
Vice President (in place of Director as stated in the Rules)
Four (4) Ordinary Members
A brief description of each position is as follows:


Head of the Committee and Chairperson of the Committee meetings. The President has the same voting rights as all other Committee members, but has the casting vote in the event of a tied vote. As an executive member, has legal authority to act on behalf of the Preschool.


Manages the Preschool’s finances to ensure the efficient ongoing operation of the Preschool, including budget preparation, income and expenses monitoring and co-ordination of the annual audit. The Preschool has a part time Administration Assistant on staff who manages the finances on a daily basis, such as paying bills and collecting income. As such, the Treasurer’s role is one of general oversee of the finances, not daily operation. As an executive member, the Treasurer has legal authority to act on behalf of the Preschool.

Generations of families have brought their children to Kindylane – we now have grandparents who built and originally enrolled their children, now bringing their grandchildren back to our Preschool. It is wonderful to see parents who attended the Preschool now returning with their children. Many people comment that the warm and supportive environment of the Preschool remains since those very early years.


Manages the Preschool’s formal correspondence and also prepares Minutes of the Committee meetings.

Ordinary Members

There are six (6) Ordinary Members that are actively involved in the Committee, but have no specific duties.

Due to licensing regulations stipulated by DEC, all Committee members must undergo background checks including criminal record and working with children checks. Anyone wishing to join the Committee will be required to agree to the checks and complete the necessary screening forms.

The Committee may at times be required to assess and adjudicate on sensitive and private issues involving the Preschool families. As such, confidentiality is a key requirement of Committee membership and must be strictly maintained at all times. Due to this confidentiality requirement, parents that are not committee members are generally not permitted to attend Committee meetings.


The fundraising or Auxiliary Committee is a sub-committee which all parents are encouraged to join so that they may gain a better understanding of the life long benefits their children gain from their time at preschool. Parent’s on the Auxiliary Committee get together to discuss and organise ways to raise funds to purchase resources for the children to develop, learn and be challenged. In the past, parents on the Auxiliary have made contributions that have given benefit for generations of families and in turn, a better local community.

A target of $6000 is included in the operating budget for each year. The meetings are held once a term and run for about 1-2 hours.

Attendance of parents at meetings is important to:
achieve a quorum to enable the committee to make decisions
bring more ideas to the committee
make fundraising events easier to organise more hands make lighter work
The Preschool purchases new equipment and resources with the funds raised and some of the raised funds can go towards projects and big ticket items that the Preschool is needing.

An example of some fundraising events the committee helps to organise are:
Pie drives
Open days
Hot cross bun drives
Social events
Coin donations at local events

Parent involvement

Parents contribute significantly to the life of the Preschool in many ways and we welcome this involvement.

Ways in which parents can help are:
Sharing your skills and interests with staff and children, e.g. craft, cooking, music, story telling etc.
Helping with lunch roster
Maintaining and repairing equipment, e.g. working bees
Joining either the Management Committee or the Auxiliary Committee
Ensuring that fees are paid on time

Lunch Roster

All parents and care-givers are invited to help at Preschool on a lunch roster. This involves helping hand out lunches, assisting children while they’re eating and cleaning tables once children are finished. More detail will be explained by staff. Roster provides an opportunity for mothers/fathers/carers to observe their children in the Preschool environment.

Younger siblings are welcome to come with you when you assist at the Preschool, however you may choose to make your roster session a special time for your Preschool child only.


Each child has an individual pocket. The pockets are divided into each kinder group and are located in each room. These pockets are used for fee invoices and receipts, notices, permission forms and any other correspondence.


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